Thursday, August 14, 2014

A New Beginning

After taking most of the summer off from personal blogging, I was starting to wonder how many of my friends still sopped by to check in on us. I know this poor blog has been so neglected the last year, but I wasn't prepared to give it up. This blog has been a part of my life for 7 long years and even though this season of my life is CRAZY and doesn't leave much time for writing, I always knew I would come back to it. I figured I would just let it hang out here in cyber space and I'd return when the kids were back in school and I could dedicate a little time each week to update everyone on our adventures and talk about TV shows and all the fun books I read this summer. You know…like the good old days.

But when we returned from our fabulous family vacation to Michigan this past weekend, I received a few panicked messages from friends saying that my blog was MISSING!!!! I figured it was just a Google or Blogger outage but to my absolute horror, I realized that not only was my blog gone, but it had been SOLD TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!

My initial fear was that every post I had written for the last 7 years was gone. All of my favorite moments flashed before my eyes and I started crying on the phone with the rep from go-daddy. I know he thought I was a lunatic but I didn't care…my blog was GONE and there was nothing I could do about it.

Luckily, I realized soon after that all of my blog posts were saved in Google, but my beloved domain name was now in the hands of someone else. Someone I was sure didn't care about the name like I did. But it was all so confusing at first…how did someone even get it? How did I not know my domain wasn't renewed properly with Google and why did NO ONE from Google contact me when it was about to be dropped and AUCTIONED OFF? The story of what went wrong with my domain renewal is far too long and confusing to write, but I will say this my friends…always double check that your account information is correct and don't rely on Google or anyone to notify you of changes they make. Be on top of it always. I guess I should have been that way all along, but I wasn't and this was the price I paid.

In the end, after 3 days, 20 different phone calls and 50 different emails…I FINALLY have my domain back!!!!!! We are reunited and it feels sooooooo goooood!!!! I guess you never know what you've got until it's gone. I can't say I will be back to my daily posting schedule again for a while, but I will say that having this little piece of the internet back in my life makes me appreciate it more than ever. 

A big thanks to all my friends who notified me when my blog went missing, and to all the friends who still stop in time-to-time even though I am a crappy blogger. I appreciate you all so very much :)

Here's to a new beginning at A Daily Dose of Davis!!